Michelle Vondiziano launched January Prints in 2011, with a vision to create bold and colorful designs where primitive and modern influences meet. Born in Nicosia, Cyprus and raised in Michigan, Michelle began her artistic journey in college, studying Art History and Painting at Calvin College. After a stint in the fine art gallery world, Michelle found herself drawn to textiles, and took a position with Chicago-based linen and housewares company, Unison. It was here, in her role as Marketing Manager, that her love and understanding of textile-design flourished.  

Michelle’s inspiration comes from a thoughtful mix of home and the exotic--wax batik, New Mexican pottery and rugs, ancient Cypriot vessels and mosaic floors, primitive stamping, Memphis design, and her 5-year old daughter's drawings.

January Prints has created custom designs for a variety of applications including textile, apparel, wallpaper, and gift wrap. She partnered with Hound for their 2011 and 2012 collections, Eskell for their Signature Collection, TenSpeed Hero, Unison, Tusk, and Foxglove Studio. Most recently, January Prints partnered with Grainline Studio/Sprout for their 2016 Studio Fabric Library.

Michelle has moved out of the city and lives with her husband and two children in Pennsylvania, where she enjoys the breathtaking views of rolling hills and sunsets, while she continues to work on collaborative and independent projects.

"Living in a rural area for the first time in my life, I am inspired by the landscape, skyscape, and change of seasons. Feeling closely connected to the natural environment, I'm inspired to get more hands-on with my process, moving away from digital design, and pursuing hand-dying, hand-stamping and natural pigments. This past summer was the beginning of my indigo and resist tea-towels, which have set the stage for a new collection."-Michelle, winter 2016

Michelle Vondiziano, January Prints

Michelle Vondiziano, January Prints